Explore symmetry with Plus!

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The Lie group E8

This is a visual representation of the Lie group E8, which encodes the symmetries of a 57-dimensional geometrical object. Find out more here. Image: Claudio Rocchini.

Tomorrow, 1st November 2012 at 4pm GMT, Plus will be part of a MOOC (massive open online course)! For an hour we will be talking about the beautiful subject of symmetry in a way that is accessible to everyone and there will be questions and answers too. This online talk is open to everyone and it's free. To join, register here.

We will explore a range of symmetry topics, from the beautiful patterns in the Alhambra to mathematical group theory and symmetry breaking in physics.

This talk is part of a whole series called VizMath which explores the many images of maths, from crocheted hyperbolic curves to the mathematics of origami. VizMath was created by Betty Hurley-Dasgupta and Carol Yeager and it's published by SUNY/Empire State College, USA.

Come and join us!

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