Flow motion: Explorations in 11 dimensions

Have you ever wondered what string theory sounds and looks like? If yes, you can find out this weekend at Queen Mary, University of London. Musicians Anna Piva and Edward George, in collaboration with physicist and Plus author David Berman and mathematical physicist James Sparks are developing Explorations in Eleven Dimensions, a multimedia art project based on a series of sonic, visual, and textual readings of string theory's equations, themes and aesthetic concerns.

The performances will be based on the sonification of David Berman's string theory equations and a series explorations of frequency and micro-tonality in the work of Bach and Debussy with James Sparks.

Flow Motion will be joined for the performance by a quartet of musicians from London's classical and improvised music scene: Alison Blunt (violin), Chris Cullen (flute, saxophone), Grahame Painting (cello, guitar), Mark Sanders (drums).

The first component of the project, a series of sound art performances, will take place at Queen Mary's Octagon room on the 5th and 6th of November 2011, at 7.30pm. See here for more information and here for directions.