Imaging maths - Inside the Klein bottle

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September 2003

Klein Bottle with Möbius Band

JavaView Controls
Left-Mouse   Drag to rotate
s   Drag to scale
t   Drag to translate
r   Switch to reset
w   Enable auto-rotation
q   Stop auto-rotation
Right-Mouse   Show popup menu
Shift-s   Enable smooth drawing
Advanced   JavaView Help


The Klein bottle is a non-orientable surface with no inside and no outside. Two Möbius bands lie on its surface along which one can continuous move from to both sides of the surface. The second Möbius band lies on the farther side, symmetric to the shown band.

Open the material inspector and to adjust the transparency of the Klein bottle using

  • Right-mouse click, select control panel.
  • Menu INSPECTOR->MATERIAL, if panel is not already visible.
  • Adjust the slider for transparency.

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