The Plus new writers award 2009

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We are proud to present the winners of the Plus New Writers Award 2009. The winners were chosen by our three judges: David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge, Geoffrey Carr, Science Editor of The Economist, and Julian Havil, mathematics author and retired mathematics teacher.

Secondary school category


Beauty in mathematics
Surein Aziz explores one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics


The expression that (nearly) explained the Universe
Sophie Butchart finds mysterious patterns in the solar system

University category


How maths killed Lehman Brothers
Horatio Boedihardjo explains the credit crunch


Thinking outside the box
Sonia Buckley travels through higher dimensions

General public category


The Carol syndrome
José-Manuel Rey unveils the curse of attractiveness


Knitting by numbers
Lucinda Mathews visualises tricky surfaces


Plus would like to thank the Maths, Stats and Operational Research Network and the journal Nature for their kind support of this competition.



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