Mathematical theatre with X&Y

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Victoria and Marcus

What do theatre and mathematics have in common? They are both imagined and they both have to be consistent in their own way. Looking at it this way, the idea of exploring mathematical ideas through theatre seems like the most natural thing in the world.

In this podcast we talk to mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, actress and mathematician Victoria Gould and director Dermot Keany about their new show X&Y. Through a series of surreal episodes, X and Y, trapped in a Universe they don't understand and confronted for the first time with another human being, tackle some of the biggest philosophical and scientific questions on the books: where did the Universe come from, does time have an end, is there something on the other side, do we have free will, can we ever prove anything about our Universe for sure or is there always room for another surprise?

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X&Y is on at the Science Museum in London 10 - 16 October 2013. Click here to book tickets.

Marcus and Victoria met while working on A disappearing number, Complicite's multi award-winning play about mathematics. X&Y has developed from that collaboration and pursues many of the questions at the heart of A disappearing number.

Find out more about their previous play and other mathematical topics on Plus that were touched on in the podcast:

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