Maths in the City!

Here's a chance to meet the Plus team and some fascinating maths at the same time!

Our cities are filled with buildings, roads, cars, buses, trains, bikes, parks and gardens. They are crisscrossed with power, water, sewage and transport systems. They are built by engineers, architects, planners, technologists, doctors, designers and artists. Our cities are shaped by our environment, our society and our culture. And each and every part is built on mathematics.

Join Rachel Thomas, co-editor of Plus, in a public lecture exploring the maths in our cities. Rachel is also the Public Engagement Officer for Maths in the City. She is working with Marcus du Sautoy and Marcus' Marvellous Mathemagicians (M3), a group of volunteer maths students, to create walking tours of Oxford and London that will highlight the maths hiding in our urban environments.

The lecture will take place on the 31st of January between 5:30pm and 6:30pm at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Clarkson Road, Cambridge, UK. Admission to the lecture is free but pre-booking is essential — see here for more information.