MathsJam in Nottingham

MathsJam is a monthly opportunity for like-minded self-confessed maths enthusiasts to get together in a pub and share stuff they like. Puzzles, games, problems, or just anything they think is cool or interesting.

Peter Rowlett

Peter Rowlett

Regular events take place in London and Manchester and now also in Nottingham. Events provisionally take place on the second to last Tuesday of every month.

Nottingham organiser and Plus friend Peter Rowlett hopes that those involved with teaching mathematics will find ideas and inspiration to enrich teaching and encourage mathematical thinking, that students will find they develop techniques to approach problem solving in their studies, and that everyone will find it a fun, stimulating event to connect with maths as fun!

If you want to find out when and where MathsJam events are taking place in Nottingham City Centre please send an email to