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May 1997

Mathematics is often referred to as the Queen of the Sciences so it is not surprising that general science magazines regularly publish articles and reviews of particular interest to PASS Maths readers.

However, since our pilot issue in January the UK weekly science magazine New Scientist has unveiled a brand new web site. The new site publishes selected articles from each issue as well as maintaining an archive of back-issues. We've linked directly to a few of the more mathematical items below.

In addition to this growing resource the magazine has also recently launched an Internet version of its Last word column which attempts to answer everyday scientific questions in everyday language!

For more information see:

New Scientist Home Page

  • Putting randomness in order - by Ian Stewart, 10th May 1997
  • The longest number ever crunched - 3rd May 1997
  • Why nature loves economies of scale - by Robert Pool, 12th April 1997
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