News from the world of maths: Bye bye finance, hello maths and science

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bye bye finance, hello maths and science

We may be in a recession, but according to Gordon Brown, that's all the more reason to invest in science and maths education. In a speech in Oxford today, Brown pledged to increase the number of students taking maths A level from the current 56,000 to 86,000 in 2014, and to make sure that 90% of state schools teach physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects, also by 2014. The measures are meant to help ensure Britain's future competitiveness, and ease its over-dependence on financial services, which have got us into this mess in the first place. Some of the losers of the recession, those who have lost their jobs but have maths, science and IT degrees, are to be encouraged and supported to take up teaching, to tackle the lack of specialist teachers in these subjects. Brown also pledged to encourage a positive public debate about science in order to improve the public's understanding of its role in society.

Find out more with BBC News and in The Guardian articles Gordon Brown announces plan to boost school science and Brown pledges support for redundant graduates to retrain as science teachers.

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