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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Getting physical with maths

There's a significant intersection between sport fandom and science geekdom, and to address it, John D. Barrow, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, will give a free public talk on physics and sport at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. Barrow will look at some applications of physics and simple mathematics to a variety of sports, including aspects of weightlifting, rowing, throwing, jumping, drag car racing, balance sports, and track athletics. He'll also explore some of the paradoxical systems of judging used in ice skating, and the effects of latitude and air resistance on some performances.

The talk will take place on the 13th of October at 6pm in the Pippard lecture theatre at the Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge.

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At 5:40 AM, Blogger westius said...

Do you know if this talk will be recorded? Would be great to listen to.