The NRICH online maths club

May 1998

NRICH has established a worldwide following with registrations of new members and schools increasing at a rate of 50 per month. All materials are freely available on the Internet and registration (also free) is only necessary in order to submit solutions for publication, join the mailing lists or use the "Ask a Mathematician" Answering Service.

New issues of the monthly Internet magazine are published on the first of each month. The magazine contains problems and challenges for all ages (5 to 18+), solutions one month later and a further inspirations section, regular articles and reviews of other websites, a mathematical games section, notes for primary teachers, editorials and news. Large numbers of solutions are submitted by school students and the best are published or acknowledged.

The website was singled out for mention in Numeracy Matters, the Preliminary Report of the Numeracy Taskforce appointed by the DfEE,

"The potential of the Internet is already being explored in various ways. The NRICH website set up by the University of Cambridge offers a valuable bank of intriguing mathematical puzzles and problems for pupils of all ages, with a special section design ed for primary pupils. This is especially useful for stretching very able children."

(DfEE January 1998 para 60).

At the top end of the age range there is an increasing following from sixth forms and some excellent work from students being published at the school university interface. For young children "Bernard's Bag" contains two mathematical investigations each mo nth, in a story context, designed as whole class activities while offering aspects to stretch very able children.

There is a programme of workshops and continuing professional development courses for teachers (primary and secondary) at Homerton College and at the Royal Institution from March to June 1998. A module for credits towards the Continuing Professional Development Advanced Diploma will be offered in the Autumn term 1998.