Plus Advent Calendar Door #2: Favourite puzzles

End of year weariness setting in? Revive your brain with some of our favourite puzzles, as chosen by our readers and the Plus team!


2011 in fours

Bid farewell to 2011 with this puzzle from Plus reader, Paulo Ferro.


Prime birthday

Plus reader Aziz Inan has a question for you: Which mathematician is in their prime?


Finding the nine...

Think you know how to use the numbers 1 to 9? Our colleague James Grime puts your digits to the test.

Sock sorting strategy

Try your hand at a puzzle from the Hands-on risk and probability road show: How many socks do you need to grab to find a pair?

Rabbit and string

Buster the cosmic rabbit is playing ball with the Earth and very large piece of string... A slightly surreal take on a favourite puzzle with a very surprising answer!

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