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September 1999

NRICH: Partners in Puzzles

From September 1999 onwards, PASS Maths is joining forces with its sister site NRICH to offer many more puzzles changed regularly on the 1st of every month.

This page will be updated as soon as the new puzzles are published.

December's PASS Maths puzzle is Farmer's Field. You can find this together with all the other puzzles for ages 15+ on the December 1999 15+ Challenges page at NRICH.

October's PASS Maths puzzle was Lunar Leaper. We are still waiting for a correct solution - though a near miss has been received which we have published as a hint

To send in your solution, use one of the methods described on the NRICH Problem Page.

Solution to Puzzle No. 8 - The Gobbling Goat

The first correct solution we received was from V.Shashidhar.
We also received a correct solution from the combined brainpower of Anthony Winters and Ilia Phoursa.

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