Enigma in Cambridge


If you live in or near Cambridge, you've got the chance to see a genuine World War II Enigma machine in action and watch the movie Enigma starring Kate Winslet and Dougray Scott afterwards!

On Monday the 5th of September at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse cinema, James Grime, from our sister project Enigma, will demonstrate one of the miraculous code breaking machines and talk about its history. This is followed by a screening of the movie and an informal Q&A session in the cinema bar. The only fee is the cinema ticket.

The event is part of SciScreen, a new film festival at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse organised by the British Science Association Cambridgeshire branch. The aim of SciScreen is to raise public awareness for the real science behind the science portrayed in cinema. In each SciScreen session experts explain the science from the film in a short talk before curtain-up, and after the film everyone is invited to the Arts Picturehouse bar for a drink and informal discussion.

For more information and updates visit the SciScreen Facebook page.

To find out more about the Enigma machine, read Exploring the Enigma or listen to our Enigma podcast.


It looks as though it's possible to book via the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse website: http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/Arts_Picturehouse_Cambridge/Whats_...