Talking to young researchers

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Talking to young researchers

One of the highlights of our year is to visit the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), an annual event at which young researchers get the chance to mingle with some of the best minds in mathematics and computer science. And one of the highlights of each HLF visit is to interview some of the young researchers who are taking part. This year the HLF took place entirely online, but we are still happy to present you with the online interviews w have done. Enjoy!

Yasmeen George — Yasmeen tells us about her work using machine learning to help diagnose disease from medical images.

Briane Paul Samson — Briane tells us about his work developing intelligent algorithms to help us navigate on busy roads.

Clement Twumasi —  Clement tells us about his work helping to understand a parasite that has been decimating fish populations around he world.

Tosin Babasola — Tosin tells us about his work using mathematics to model the effects of climate change on cocoa farming.

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