50: Visions of mathematics

Last year we asked Plus readers to send in their own popular maths articles, with winning entries to be published in a forthcoming book. The winners were chosen a while back and we're now proud to announce that 50: Visions of mathematics is with the printers (well, nearly) and will be out for the world to read in spring 2014. The book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and will be published by Oxford University Press.

Besides the winning contributions from Plus readers it contains articles from our favourite popular maths authors, including Ian Stewart, Marcus du Sautoy, Simon Singh, Chris Budd and John D. Barrow. There will be a foreword by Dara Ó Briain and also fifty images showcasing the beauty and diversity of maths. A big thank you for taking part in the competition and sending in image suggestions.

The book was edited by Sam Parc with the help of a devoted editorial team including our humble selves. To keep up to date with its progress follow Sam on Twitter!


The front cover looks great - can't wait for the book to be released!

May I ask whether the winners are to be announced publicly please?

Thank you

PS The following link names (I believe) the winner of the parallel `Mathematics Today' writing competition,


I think the following link should answer the question above,


under the `Table of Contents' tab.

Congratulations to the winner(s)!

Does anyone know if Plus (as they hinted they might) intend to publish entries that were chosen as runners-up please?