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"A remarkable possibility is that the entire universe is compact and connected. In other words, if we were to launch a spaceship from Earth and fly in as straight a line as possible, we could find ourselves returning home. As we see the Earth receding in the distance behind us, we might also see it growing nearer in front of us."

"Even if the universe is compact, it may well be too huge for us to see all the way around. In the meantime, we can't be sure if those are all new galaxies on the horizon, or if it really is ourselves we see at the observable edge of the universe."

I am just a regular guy so people never listen to what I say. But I have been making both of these points for years. On the surface, they just seem logical. I think the galaxies are traveling in circles, but the circle is so huge that we think it is a straight line. And it takes so long to get back to where you started that you may never get back. But new galaxies come into being and continue the journey.

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