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Is it possible to post a picture here? I have built one that has a moving arm which projects a solar disk (spot) onto a drawing on the analemma. When you rotate the arm so that the sun image lands on the proper month marking on the analemma, the time can be read on a pointer pointing at the hours of a clock. I have just built it out of wood, so am testing it, but if it works, it should be accurate to within a minute or two (depending on the accuracy of my wood burned markings and the drawing of the Analemma). Extremely simple to operate. It is called a Heliochronometer. I found the idea in a book called "Sundials", by R. Newton Mayall and Margaret W. Mayall. If it works as advertised, it is simple to build (with one moving part) and simple to use. You can make an adjustment to the clock dial to change it from standard to daylight savings time. Just loosen a screw, rotate the dial one hour, and lock it down again.

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