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Same Method is applicable for all the numbers with all ODD number of digits (digits of the number taken in decreasing order) , greater than 3 (of course). Consequently, the outcomes vary according to number of digits.
Let the number of digits be (2*N+1), where N=1,2,3,4...
Then, the corresponding magic number is given by;

If N=1; THREE digit number; 11*1*(100-1)=11*99=1089

If N=2; FIVE digit numbers; 11*10*[1000-1}=109890
1. 87542-24578=62964

2. 85421-12458=72963

Similarly for 7, 9 11, 13....
Cool. Isn't it?
Hoping that you got it,
Alanka Anil Kumar™

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