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.I want to thank everyone for their comments. Not too long ago we went to buy my wife a guitar. Whike the sales associate helped her, I wandered around and came across the violins. I have always appreciated the sounds and little bit of history I know about them. Anyway, I picked one up, grabbed the bow, put the violin to my chin and slowly pulled the bow across. Nice throaty sound. One of the associates walked by stopped and raised an eyebrow. He basically told me it was very hard for someone whos never played before to get a sound like that. Lol. No he didnt try to sell me. Anway, it's 2yrs later and playing the violin has been on my mind like crazy recently. I don't know; the way it works makes sense to me. It feels right. I know nothing about music (playing), but this site made sense to me. Just as it made sense in my head when i pulled the bow across the strings. The angle, the bow pressure..etc. Thank you for this article and thank you everyone for your knowledge! I'm 37 yrs old and I know I have a long road. Keep everyone updated.

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