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This is an excellent article! I studied and played classical piano as a youth for 8 years and I've now worked professionally in the music industry for 26 years. Your article articulated in mathematical but layman's terms what I've known in my heart all along but could not express. Why is music so stirring to the human soul? We are made from the same equations! The groundbreaking gravitational waves just detected in the Cosmos were found to emit a note on our sensors at a humanly perceptible frequency similar guessed it! Middle C! Gravitational waves as old as the Cosmos itself, 13.7 billion years old. Like seeing a snapshot of the Big Bang itself. And their ghost emits a tone perceived by the human ear and brain as middle C! Music moves humans so deeply because....we are all MADE of the same stuff as the Cosmos itself! I am an atheist and science is the only truth. Thank you for bringing readers closer to the truth.

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