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Hello there,

I have found your website very interesting to how Mathematics does relate to Art. I have set my self the dissertation question, "How can exploring the (shape and space) aspects of certain artists be used, to consolidate children’s mathematical understanding for e.g. Tessellation/ symmetry? " I have set myself this question because I am trainning to become a primary school teacher, and I am very passionate for the subjects mathematics and art, I also believe that there are clear links between both of these subjects.

I have chosen the above to be my question, as I want to see if you are able to consolidate children’s mathematical understanding by using artists’ work. Children should gain a greater understanding about the meaning of key vocabulary used in shape and space. I do believe that I will be able to consolidate children’s mathematical understanding effectively depending on the artists and their work I decide to work with.

I have been looking for some relevant literature, but I am unable to find huge amounts. Could you point me in the write direction please?

My email address is

Thank you

Jay Chavda

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