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Today is Friday 11-10-2017 in the US.
To the Author of the blog:

Here below is sequence 7641, an exact 4 digit sequence in the famous repeating 24 digit Digital Root Fibonacci Sequence. Below, I'll use a date utilizing a special date formula to arrive at a 2 digit result, but a 4 digit result is more interesting; this number was not expected; it's just the result of some inspired calculation methods.


Using only Addition and Digital Root and Fibonacci Sequences
07-28 6017
7+1=(8) + [5]= (4):+= [9]
7+1=(8) + [1]= (9):+= [1]
7-28 2017
Now, do vertical DR & FS on the above bracketed numbers
.......(7) (6) (4) (1)

Do the same for 7-27-2017, and a 4 digit sequence result is 5628, also exact.

With both 4 digit numbers, those are 8 in exact order in the 24 repeating digit sequences in DR FS.

7641 and 5628 can be translated to English letters (A=1, B=C....J_10 as DR 1, Z_26 = as DR 8 etc).
Since F=6, O=15, and X=24, 6 above can be F, or O or it an be X...
7 can be G, P or Y...(or PIG instead of PYG) since letter I is dr 9 and does not taint the calculation...

7641 5628

Likewise, adding an R which is letter 18 which is DR 9, also does not taint the calculation.

And, when you re-arrange those letters, you can see this result:


Just number fun?.... Is this all just for our amusement or for or edification?

This Adam

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