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Although the Nash equilibrium theory is a very useful tool within the field of economics to provide certain values, it is far from complete. If we look at the 'blonde' decision process, the Theory of Human Excellence (THE) would point out that we make decisions using different zones or types of thought depending on the time allowed. So, if the blonde was about to leave, we would all jump as there would be no time to decide on the common strategy. That is assuming we wanted the blonde. So, time is a factor that can not be ignored. Secondly, achieving the same thing over and over leads to a reduced level of reward within the brain. So, if we were married to a blonde we may prefer a brunette on our night out. This also applies if we had been with her before. We now know that the brain reduces the reward to simulate new challenges - hence kinky sex or partners being unfaithful. And lastly, no consideration to the effort to get the blonde is accounted for. So, the Nash theory only deals with a very limited set of the factors for the decision. These, plus some other key factors/considerations are covered within the Theory of Human Excellence, which extends the Equilibrium theory to how the human brain really works in situations such as this. This theory could also be used within economics to provide not only particular values for the perfect common strategy but also a more complete view of the process.

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