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I agree figuring out the utility for each player in the group is a consideration, but one also need to consider utility for women. All man do not look the same to women as well. And then we back to similar Matrix as Battle of the Sexes.... Football or Ballet is really the answer the question in order to solve this mystery of life. However, in order to solve it, one needs a society where we can go with a friend to something other then Milk shake joint. The economy needs to be working well enough for most women not to be sitting at home on a Friday night. And yet, the are significant number of people in the world who earn, just enough to pay the rent, but do not have a culture to pay for some one's tea or milk shake because it's Friday night. There are population of man who don't understand at all how to just spend some time with another person, male or female. And let me point out one more factor here over conservatives, who believe in locking less attractive people at home. All of this prevents any kind of cooperative strategies happening in total.

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