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Interesting, but moot:

"The solution of Guy's problem, and that of all of the guys, is a bundle of actions deemed rational within the described framework. The assumption that everyone behaves rationally may seem slightly unrealistic, but it's crucial in the game theoretical approach, since mathematics can't account for someone behaving irrationally or against their own interest. "

Actually, feeling sexual attraction and actions stemming out of this feeling are as far from rational as possible, and certainly obliterates the assumption. Bold, muscular jock, who will come and take her as he will, won't care about a probabilities in the slightest. He won't analyze the options. All that will happen will be "Damn, she's soooooo hot!" in his head, several hormones/neurotransmitters will flood his body, several minutes later, and the poor calculating Joe or Bob thinks: "If only I could do that..."

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