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I found this because once years ago I smoked Hashish and only in hindsight it seems like I passed out in my chair, and my mate woke me up saying my lips were blue. But what I experienced at the time was like a kaleidoscope of brown and purple, and then my mate saying my name and then I came round and was back in the room. It was trippy as balls! And I've smoked weed a lot since, it's never happened again, but was always curious what that was. I saw a Mandala in some talk about consciousness, and then I found out about form constants. Whatever it was, and whether the justification you want to assign to it is mathematical or spiritual, it doesn't matter, it happened, maths is just an attempt by humans to describe something accurately, but what does that description really bring to the table in terms of understanding not many answers I conclude, (which is fine by the way)

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