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I have always been able to see my own mandala of geometric visual hallucinations from a very young age. Its just normal to me. I can see or tune into it whenever I want. It helps me meditate. I have also drawn a lot of art of geometric shapes and a couple have turned out to be optical illusions. My drawings arent planned out I just draw. I have been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder since 2010 but even though I take medication I still have my geometric hallucinations. Its like checkerboards spiraling in all directions sometimes there are colours mainly green and red with bright yellow lines and sometimes i can just see the spiralling shapes of the checkerboards in black and white. I have taken hallucinagens in the past and they have made the hallucinations more extreme but I always have them. Like I say I can tune in whenever I wish. Id love to know more on this subject. I wouldnt mind being a test subject either. I personally feel more spiritual than scientific but Im open to answers as to why I have this phenomenon allll the time.

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