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The reductionist conclusion that such visions are "simply" reflective of the brain's wiring, along with the comments condemning the "absurdity" of the poster who indicated a metaphysical connection, has as its basis a false dichotomy - that is that these patterns cannot simultaneously reflect both the brain's wiring or structure and "part of what makes up our reality." Why can it not be both? In fact, I posit that that is indeed the case. My background is in math, and I experimented "back in the day" with LSD. What I have concluded is that the very real mathematical patterns we find in nature are those same patterns that are seen in induced hallucinations as described. The patterns that I saw when on LSD I now easily perceive throughout nature sans any "substantial help!" In other words, the patterns are easily observed without any induction. I would argue that these harmonious and integrated patterns that are found both in nature AND the brain are what allow perception, intelligible decoding of physical information around us, etc. In other words, the fact that there is some ordering principle that pervades the cosmos, ourselves included - our brains included, points to a cohesive framework of perception and intelligibility. I would further argue the metaphysical position that this ordering principle points to a transcendent reality and intelligence that pervades all of reality including the human person. I would call that intelligence "God," and am grateful that somehow we are connected to it all!

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