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I read this article because I have been taking all different psychedelics for the last 26 years & the reason I read it was because everytime I trip, there's a point of time , be it 5 minutes to 5 hours where everything whithins my eyes range I can see broken down mathematically , now I don't mean different geometric patterns , but just say there is a chair sitting in front of me , suddenly i start visualizing each leg almost as if it was made of glass or a c.a.d. Blue print drawing of it, I see the legs all 4 at once & I can see that they are each 1 1/8" wide at the base but the measurement at the top where it holds the seat its 3/4" wider , i see the measurements themselves a lot of the time , but sometimes they're just the shapes & I somehow know the size differential. Next I start seeing the seat, the brackets that hold it together , the screw holes & their diameters , the back of the chair , & the weird thing to me was always like , how do I even know some of these shapes exist ,lol. So anyway , I'm looking for any article to explain the way the brain ,( if it's not just me) breaks down all of these things so perfect & intricately. Thanks

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