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how gravity works / unified field theory
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on September 25, 2010.

All objects with mass have been generating a field [gravity] since they came into existance in the universe.

The field's speed of radiation is unknown, but probably light speed. So warped space extends around each mass in a sphere with a gradient of warping as far as light could travel since the mass came into existence.

If another mass and the field that it has generated since it came into existence approaches the first mass then their fields overlap like cell-phone tower signals overlap. At this overlap, space is warped by both masses such that it produces a warped space shape like a sand egg-timer.

The two masses fall towards each other by default and from zero point pressure effect. ie Quantum jitters on a big scale.
There need not be attraction...

How space is warped and by what is another story.

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