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After observing the results of all the experiments scientists have conducted I have come up with a unified field theory and it includes the mechanism of gravity.
was so very close, but had no way of knowing how close he was.

Suppose that you lived in a world where nothing was longer than 60 feet long, and you had a tape measure that was 60 feet long, and it was impossible to make a tape measure longer than 60 feet long. In this world, nothing was larger in dimension than 60 feet. Around this world are millions of galaxies and worlds, all no farther away than 60 feet.
This puzzled all the great minds and scientists of this world as it seemed impossible for so many things to exist in such a small space. Furthermore, it seemed very strange to them that when they sent their rocket ships to explore these worlds and galaxies that their rocket ships could not reach these stars only 60 feet away. The rocket ship would seemingly accelerate to enormous speeds yet never could reach the stars.
It was then theorized that time must speed up the farther from the center of the earth you got making it impossible to travel a journey of 60 feet from the center of the earth. It was also theorized that perhaps gravity became so powerful at 60 feet that the rocket ships came to a stop. It seemed that they could send things on a trip of 99.999999% of 60 feet, but no further. This made sense to them all since the maximum length width or height of anything was 60 feet and this was an accepted constant in their world of physics.
So the scientists got 2- 60’ rods and placed them end to end and measured them and found they only measure 60’. This they theorized meant that each rod had shrunk to 50% of their length, so they tried with 3 rods and found that they were still 60’ long overall combined, so had shrunk to 33.3333% of their length, and so a fourth was added and all with the same result. So the real puzzle was that when they measured the mass of all the rods, they could account for each rod by weight, so 4 rods were four times as heavy as one rod, but when they measured the density of the rods they found the density had not changed. They were puzzled; the size of the object remained the same, yet the weight had quadrupled , while the density remained the same.
Scientists came up with all kinds of theories that all seemed sound except when dimensions began to reach near to 60 feet, and then they all broke down. The pondered all kinds of impossible shapes that might describe the universe to explain this phenomenon but as soon as one scientist seemed to have a brilliant theory of this, another scientist would propose another theory that seemed to disprove the latter. So round and round they went.
What they did not know, and could not know is that the laws of physics had limited the length of the measuring device of their world. Often people would go for a walk and it seemed longer than on other days when they had taken the same distance of a walk, but that’s just the way people are, sometimes it seems farther than other days. What they could not know is if it really was a longer walk or not, they did not know that their measuring capabilities were limited. They all knew that 60 feet plus 60 feet should equal 120 feet, but since the one constant in there universe seemed to be nothing could be longer than 60 feet, and that was accepted fact, unquestionable.
However the truth was that the measuring tape was the problem, it would never measure anything longer than 60 feet, and all measuring devices shared the same characteristic. When the tape was stretched out over the four 60 foot rods, it still read 60 feet, this was because it was actually a very flexible tape measure and literally stretched like a rubber band the entire 240 feet and still only recorded 60 feet.
Another thing the scientists found was that when they stretched the tape out to measure the 240 feet of rod, and it only recorded them to be 60 feet, (not knowing the tape stretched as I just explained) they found it took four times as long to travel each inch of the rod, this seemed to prove to them that time had sped up for the rod, but not for them, and they called this all part of some distance time continuum.
But had they known that their tape measure had the limitations, not the actual length of anything they may have come up with the right answers.
Sounds silly right? To live in a world where they have a maximum length width or height that these dimensions are limited and this is the world they are boxed in to? Well we live in a world where we do the same thing. We have given a maximum to one of our dimensions, and that is speed, we have determined that 183000 miles per second is as fast as anything can go, nothing can go faster. But what if that is not true?
If you were in an empty universe, only you, nothing else existed; how fast are you going? Are you stopped? Or if you constantly accelerated forever would you not exceed the speed of light, and if you did; relative to what? And in this world, our universe and all the universes, how fast are they going? And relative to what? Is there a point in space that is stopped? Is anything going 0 miles per hour? And in what direction? These are the questions that are created in this world because we have a maximum velocity.
But suppose there was no maximum velocity? Suppose things could travel trillions of miles per second and beyond, why can’t we see that in our universe, well in some things we can, quarks and photons seem to be able to travel instantaneously between 2 points, and so scientists are baffled. But what if they knew what I believe to be true, that their measuring device is flawed!
Time must have a limit; it seems to not be able to measure anything traveling faster than 183000 miles per second before it begins to stretch and distort to give us the same reading just like the tape measure in the other world. Light speed is unknown then, since it seems to exceed the speed of time.
God is without beginning or end, so time cannot measure his life span, so God exists before time and after time has ended. Therefore time being a created thing, must have limitations. If time had no speed limit, it would race from beginning to end and be over as fast as it was created, so obviously God put a speed limit on time, and light, being the fastest thing we know of has allowed us to measure its speed, the speed of time is 183000 miles per second.
If what I said is true, it also explains very simply how gravity works, but I will reveal that later
By Dave Morrison
Part 2
If you have been following my two previous papers you will know that I have proposed that light speed is not the velocity limit of all things, however the speed of time is. That is to say that time can not measure anything going faster than 183000 miles per second. So time stretches and flexes when using it to measure the speed of light. Knowing this we can understand how gravity works.
Gravity is nothing more than acceleration, and acceleration is the change in velocity over TIME. Therefore, if time was affected by the simple presence of matter, then acceleration could be simulated. If there was a particle contained within the building blocks of matter that traveled or moved faster than the speed of time, then time would necessarily ripple at this sub atomic level. This would continuously ripple time making stationary objects feel like they are accelerating.
Picture a dragster at a drag strip, and it takes 4 seconds to travel the ¼ mile, the acceleration felt by the driver would be enormous, that is called G-Force. Now take this same dragster and chain it down and lay a sheet of elastic cloth out over the length of the track and chain the dragster down. The elastic is affixed to the finish line so it won’t move at that end.
Now when the dragster takes off it can’t move, but it stretches and bunches up the elastic cloth behind the back tires of the dragster. After the dragster stops it is observed that the dragster tires rotated enough revolutions to travel the entire ¼ mile, however when looking at the elastic it was still attached at the finish line stretched microscopically thin over the quarter mile was 0 inches of elastic. This is impossible with things made from materials of any kind, but not for time.
So time is stretched the same way inside sub atomic particles. A luxon is a sub atomic particle that travels at the speed of light and has no rest mass, which it would not have if it was what was creating the gravitational force that measures mass. A tachyon is a hypothetical (mythical) particle that ravels faster than the speed of light and has an imaginary rest mass, it was invented by scientists to try to make their theories work, My theory does not need it, and even if it was that fast we still could see it and find it, as the speed of time would slow down its appearance to us.
It is claimed that a luxon travels at the speed of light, however since we can not measure anything faster than the speed of light, how do we know? For time changes to make things appear as if they are not able to travel faster than light. This Luxon is in every atom, and rippling time, and thus mimicking acceleration and we call it gravity.
If this is true the larger an object is in mass, the more gravity it would have, oh wait, it does. If this were true, then time would be distorted less and less the farther from a massive body and so gravity would be less and less, and it is.

There, last week I decided it was time to come up with a unifying theory of everything and there you have it.
By Dave Morrison

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