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The real nature of space-time continuum - STC - is still illusive, though it is being discussed for 100 years since the era of Henri Poincare, Albert Einstein and Philipp Lenard. I think the conventional model of space-time used for communicating / teaching is logically misleading. Let me explain why so. The conventional model uses a 2-dimensional flexible fabric and a massive sphere kept on the fabric. As a resultportion of fabric below sphere is bent down.

Use of a sphere for star is OK, understandable. But WHY flexible fabric is used to represent space-time? Actually, one cannot touch, see, sense the space but fabric can be seen sensed. In short, while teaching Einstein's STC we (followers of Einstein) *dictate* einstein's idea on students / public. In my opinion, teaching has tobe *inspiring* and NOT *dictating*. I think the problem of space-time continuum is still enigmatic because for many years, we have been using misleading model with logical fault.

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