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I am a student in 12th grade. I really do not have the mathematical advantage nor the complete skills related to quantum physics, but yes timetravel and quantum gravity is something I am immensely interested in and have been reading about this for a very long time. I found this article very interesting and it has left me wondering what would be going on in the mind of "physics" when it came into existence. Why will it not want us to do something and why permit something else. And if the laws of physics break down, and maybe if I am the one who's behind it, wont I have the freedom to make new laws of my own which permit time travel? Its like I find a way to break something to the ground and build it up again as per my fancy?
And well, I have been going through a few books on quantum physics and I would love it if someone can suggest a book on mathematics which will help supplement my present reading.

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