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n=106239 len=351
n=142587 len=372
n=156159 len=380
n=216367 len=383
n=230631 len=440
n=410011 len=446
n=511935 len=467
n=626331 len=506
n=837799 len=522
n=1117065 len=525
n=1501353 len=528
n=1723519 len=554
n=2298025 len=557
n=3064033 len=560
n=3542887 len=581
n=3732423 len=594
n=5649499 len=610
n=6649279 len=662
n=8400511 len=683
n=11200681 len=686
n=14934241 len=689
n=15733191 len=702
n=31466382 len=703
n=36791535 len=742
n=63728127 len=947
n=127456254 len=948
n=169941673 len=951
n=226588897 len=954
n=268549803 len=962
n=537099606 len=963
n=670617279 len=984 is right

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