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that if your opponent plays by tit for tat and you play 3 or more games of prisoners delimia you end up with more points over all if you ALWAYS cooperate.

usually the prisoners delimia is played so the person with the HIGHER score wins. I know that's weird

But it's 1 point for both competing
3 points for both cooperating and
5 points for one cooperating and one competing.

Game one:
Tit for tat: Cooperate
You compete

You: 5
TFT: 1

Game 2
tit for tat: compete
you: compete

You: 6
TFT: 2

Game 3:
Tit for tat: Compete
you: Compete

You: 7
TFT: 3

Set 2:
Game 1
TFT: cooperate
you: cooperate.


Game 2
TFT: Cooperate
You: cooperate


Game 3:
TFT: cooperate
you: cooperate.


Sense most people will play by tit for tat it pretty much proves cooperation is more efficent, you should read the myth of competition. the truth is competing is actually LESS efficent than cooperation. and studies prove it!

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