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1) Draw AB
2) Draw AC orbitrarily
3) With any radius with compass mark D along AC and E along AB
4) Join DE
Problem :
We have to divide DE to 3 equal parts
1) With D as center mark DF (any distance) arc and with same radius and compass mark FG with F as center and
GH with G as center along AC
2) Join HE
3) With GK as radius mark a circle with E as center . join GL (L is the outer most point in circle)
4) with the top most point L joint G & L with a line
5) Similarly with FN as radius draw a circle with center as I and join MF intersecting DE at J (J is the outer most point in circle)
6) Join AJ, AI
7) Hence angle BAC is divided into 3 parts

By H.S. TANDAVESHWARA dated 19/12/2014

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