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It's October 2019 ....
If the ITF were truly interested in "preserving the nature of the game" then they should have dealt with the "polyester trap", i.e. the proliferation of these unsafe-to-the-body polyester strings in tennis. These strings have warped the traditional multi-dimensional game of tennis into an essentially one-dimensional base-line-rally-frenzy-game, promoting an uber-power game, gone (or going) are the "touch" and "style" aspects of the tennis game. The ITF should ban polyester strings (at least the 100% polyester ones) and only allow the traditional tennis string materials such as natural gut, nylon, zyex, polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene, Vectran, Kevlar, etc. The scope in these traditional materials is broad enough to make potential hybrid-string setups between these materials an interesting endeavour. FYI, I'm a classic-stroke flat hitter using a non-polyester hybrid string-setup.

The ITF should also support wood-based tennis tournaments.
By "wood-based" I mean the frame is majority wood but may contain minor additions of strengthening/toughening materials like fibreglass/epoxy/graphite/boron/etc. and optional lead (Pb) for custom balance/weight scenarios.
With a "wood" scene, preservation of the "true" nature of tennis is more likely.

Frames have been getting stiffer/lighter and is not healthy for the body.

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