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What happens if you rear a robin in any other place where the temperature is uniformly comfortable all year? Does it still want to fly to Africa during a European winter?

Is this the same method used by all migratory birds and animals?

Everyone knows that pigeons carried small messages for ancient kings. Many assume that the same pigeon could be used between any two places. They can't.

The magnetic extractive properties unique to the place it was hatched in and bred for about a year get embedded within a pigeons body. Then you have to transport in its cage to say, a war front.

A message capsule fixed to its feet will be delivered by that pigeon only its place of birth.

It is as if it develops an invisible rubber band leash anchored to the first place.

Humans have a similar desire to die in the place of their births.

I think with humans it's more complex. If you have happy memories of many years spent at a place, then that becomes your rubber bands' anchor.

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