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I tutor K-8 kids and my own mini project when each of them had 2 rounds of colds this past quarter (Oct-Dec 2010). I read and have used the alkaline theory on myself- that germs cannot live in an alkaline environment. The most alkaline food is lemon in water (outside the body it is acidic). So I brought lemons to every session throughout the quarter. I and each student took the drink when they had a cold. I left 3 lemons with each for the following day and all of them improved. The student who took lemons and followed an alkaline diet were completely well after 2 days. The lazy ones who only took the lemon drink at the tutoring session took longer to get over their colds. In all cases they had originally had bad colds. It would be interesting to test this theory with your control group and test if this lemon drink dramatically reduces the spread of the "common cold"? Wouldn't that be great if there is a "CURE" for the common cold!

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