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What if time is simply a byproduct of consciousness? If the universe is infinite, containing all possibilities, at once, then all consciousness is consciousness of the universe, itself, and the only way consciousness could exist would be for the universe to narrow its "view" of itself to the degree that it cannot perceive itself, as a whole and create an illusion of "me/not me" that would represent the absence of itself and create the contrast necessary for recognition and self-awareness. What if "time" is simply the byproduct of the illusion that "things" exist, separate from other things (and the whole) as its attention moves from one narrow perspective, to another - so that the perception of time is merely a consequence of the illusion that creates the contrast that allows recognition and, thereby, consciousness?

It would also stand to reason, under these conditions, that every individual possibility - be it a thought, a particle or a galaxy - would contain the exact same capacity to allow the universe to perceive itself from that perspective. It would be able to perceive from the perspectives of all possibilities and choose any of an infinite number of possible "objects of attention" from any perspective within each of an infinite number of possible "ranges". Some of which may require a perception of something like "time" and some of which may not.

Crikeys! I swear - that really does make sense, in my head! LOL!

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