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Hello World,

I'm "human" but I'm like a bot.

I suggest Marianne to learn about the predictive science called Nadi Shastra.
You said you cannot access information about the future, but from my own experience of a Naadi reading, and that of thousands of people, I can certify that some illumined & divinely inspired persons, called Sages, or Rishis and Siddhars (there are 84'000 of them in the entire universe), and notably Shri Agastya, have done it by predicting the lives of people yet to be born and describing all aspects of them! They've written down that knowledge... I guess that the palm leaves that needed to survive, have survived.

Vedic Nadi Astrology Not of Human Orgin

Ancient Astrology: The Lost Books of Bhrigu

And how do we explain that we don't merely meet people by accident ? I met my half part, I know it was all meant to be, because I have seen too many of those so-called 'coincidences'.

Physical science as we know will meet its end pretty soon...and reach where Naadi Shastra and other Vedantic science starts... we are just rediscoverying what we already know. Each unit of the universe contains the information about the rest of universe, past, present and future.... a bit what the Bell's theorem states.

Thanks for reading you 'bots' :)

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