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Maths at the British Science Festival

This year's British Science Festival will take place from 7 - 12 September at the University of Newcastle and there's plenty of (mostly free) maths on offer.

You can take part in some pioneering maths at PrimeGrid: Search for a world record prime number on 7 September. Learn about prime numbers with more than a thousand digits, the history of the search for large primes, and how you can use your computer to join PrimeGrid and find new primes of your own.

The randomness show on 8 September explores randomness in your life, and the ways in which maths can order the chaos around us. You can delve into mathematical history, discover how maths can be used to predict the future and uncover the hidden maths inside you.

Be a maths millionaire on 11 September is all about famous mathematical equations and the adventures of the mathematicians working on them, including those that make Google work.

If you're interested in economics then An insight into financial markets and trading on 11 September may be for you: it will have a real time interactive workshop exploring financial markets. You can get to grips with data, charts and financial information in the trading room. This event costs £4.

Slide into the maths museum on 7 September explores the maths needed to crack the fastest slide and build skateboarding tracks. The UK's first museum entirely dedicated to mathematics wants to know what you would like at the museum. This event costs £10.85 for adults and there are various concession rates.

For the beady-eyed, see if you can spot Dr Math's giant logic puzzles all around the festival and how many of his mind-bending brain-twisters you can solve.

Space for some events is limited, so book now to reserve your place at or call 08456 807 207 for more information.

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