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I found this article in the process of wondering if there were connections between free space impedance (~377ohms) and the cosmological constant(CC). I stumbled on a physics paper describing a theory of CC . In that paper two things were mentioned: The Casimir effect (CE)was mentioned as it is one experiment used to estimate the energy of free space or roughly CC. In this paper re-normalization(RN) was discussed as part of quantum theory as related to CC, etc. As described the RN method was useful in resolving infinities. I remembered how the "regularization" argument was used in the mentioned utube video on zeta(-1) = -1/12. SO I wondered if there was a connection between RN and Zeta function? I searched and found this article which referenced the CE in regards to an connection between the Zeta function and a physics problem where a infinity is encountered. SO it seems that I have found a circular path between CC, Zeta, RN and CE. Perhaps at some level they are all deeply related? It does seem evident that Zeta(-1) is stating at some level in the universe a infinite string of 1s added up wraps around and does something unexpected? Math has a funny way connecting to physics in what seems to be non nonsensical outcomes. I think in that sense zeta(-1) is closer to the truth about that series of added ones.

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