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So 3^^3 is a power tower of 3s, 3 high, so 4^^5 is a power tower of 4s, 5 high. 3^^^3 is a power tower feeding frenzy, where there are 3 towers (because of the second three) and they all have the same base number (3, because of the first three). The difference between the towers is the height. The first tower is 3 high (the same as the base number), and once that is multiplied out, that is the HEIGHT of the next one. This continues forth. This also means that 4^^^5 (for example) would be 5 towers of 4s, the first one being 4 high. 3^^^^3 is a power tower feeding frenzy psycho festival, where there are 3 feeding frenzies (because of the second three). Once the final number in the first frenzy is multiplied out, that becomes the NUMBER OF TOWERS in the second frenzy (the first beginning with the height of the base number). This means that our 4^^^^5 example would be 5 frenzies, each with a base number of 4. This doesn't continue onwards in Graham's number (since he made 3^^^^3 into g1) but 3^^^^^3 would be a power tower feeding frenzy psycho festival national celebration, where there are 3 FESTIVALS, each finishing number being the number of frenzies in the next one. It just iterates upwards.

Note: This might not have clarified anything, just wanted to say it to try and help :)

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