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You're forgetting about the fact that if you consider our universe as a good example of space then you have forgotten that our universe is much smaller than, THE INFINITE AMOUNT of universes in space. Space is believed to be just a vacuum of stars and planets that are grouped together, and that these groups of groups of planets go on seemingly forever. So why are you fighting about fitting it in our universe. When if you tried, you wouldn't actually know when you've reached the outer reaches of our universe. You'd die before you could ever even attempt to record it. So let me put it to you like this, you're fighting about fitting that number into a place that could quite possibly have more universes in it than any number in the known universe could ever come close to being. Think about it like this, it's pretty much like fighting to put a number that can be used to explain how many universes our in existence. There's probably more than a g^g amount of universes in existence so why are you fighting about it, when you couldn't tell if you were in our universe or the one that's two universes over. It's a pointless argument. You're fighting about fitting something that is pretty much infinite into a space that is pretty much infinite. It's like fighting to fit infinity into infinity.

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