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This has been called a "failure" of Einstein, but, it was his willingness to lie for the "establishment" that was no mistake, but a down right lie. Globally bent timespace doesn't cause gravity. Gravity causes globally bent timespace; just as does velocity in mechanics, current in electricity, and entropy production rate in thermodynamics, which is identical to polarity cancellation rate .. The entropy of the universe having been defined to be the proportion of photons to nucleons, and nucleons of opposite polarities cancel out into photons, shows that polarity cancellation rate is identical with entropy production rate. The Philadelphia Experiment showed that such current, which bent timespace below pi, causing probability transduction travel, didn't cause any gravity.
The universe is like a shaken bottle of water. The water represents energy as the one substance. The bubbles represent the differentiations of energy in energy, in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out out of the way and fill in behind in the one substance, energy. The air represents energy as probability. The bottle represent the limitation of impossibilities. The shaking is the infinitesimal point nothingness, . , rastered by time into timespace, U, which exerts its oneness in one direction, /, thereby stirring closed circuitry, O, allowed by the rising value of pi from zero up, that all going the same way repels, X, forcing confluencies, =, thereby allowing undifferentiations back into nonexistence. The friction is facilitated by the Planck's volumes. Nothing can be smaller than Planck's volume. The infinitesimal point nothing is nothing.
It can be seen here that that which has been called the "pull" of attraction is actually the pressure of all the repelling circuits, X, pushing into confluencies, =. This is the one force. The real opposite polarities are counterclockwise and clockwise. Counterclockwise, vO^, face to face, on clockwise, ^Ov, are confluent. The unions and thereby cancellations of opposite polarities are circuits merging to be undifferentiated, losing their individual existences, into individual nonexistence.

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