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I live deep in a cave system with no contact with the outside world. I have run out of water
The outside world is unknown and undetectable and unobservable therefore can be in many world multiple states at the same time, all of which will be either wet or dry when observed
I want to know the answer to the question 'can I make my way out of the cave to find some water'
I send out an autonomous probe (the Oracle) that will find the both the wet and dry worlds simultaneously.
The probe cannot send back any information.
The water in the wet world triggers a reaction from the probe which marks that world with a trail in invisible ink.
I make my way out of the cave through a series of ancient gateways which are able to amplify the invisible ink trail which cause imbalance in the multiple world quantum states with a bias towards the wet world.
When I eventually get out of the cave system, reality collapses into place on my observation into the wet world I desire.

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