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Thank you for this fascinating, thought-provoking article.
It has been illuminating to read the comments too.

I KNOW that mathematics has a massive, vital role to play if we hope to solve the problems of, & accompanying, transport & travel.

There are many aspects to this problem which were not mentioned, however; and I feel the article could have gained authority, & the readers benefitted, from widening the scope a little in order to find & show facts & figures, WITH possible/ probable causes, effects, facts, figures, problems, solutions, etc.

Everything which affects, &/ or is affected by, this urgent problem - which is changing our planet for the worse, exponentially - must be included in the formulae which WILL be written, informing how to best and most quickly solve the problems.
These formulae will rely on many variables, including, e.g, public transport - existence & accessibility; how, & whether to, make cycling & walking safer & more pleasant; change in pollution levels; social attitudes & norms; health; etc.
And the immense financial repercussions of sharply reducing car usage, ownership; road deaths & people maimed; loss of demand for oil, cars, etc. - On what will Economies rely, as oil ceases to be their mainstay?

All of these must be addressed: mathematicians are the people to do that most efficiently.

But will any political system take notice & ACT on advice? ...

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