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Every quote from Wheeler in the article resonates as truth. Then Zeilinger attempts to put words in his mouth and the result is discordant noise.

"I think [Wheeler] was very radical, He talks about the participatory universe, where the observer is not only passive, but the observer in certain situations makes reality happen." - no. Wheeler never said that reality does not exist without observers.

And most distasteful:

"But Wheeler went further than saying we can only describe reality via our observations. "It's more than that," says Zeilinger. "He would have said that there is no reality beyond what can at least be observed. I don't know whether it's true or not but I like the radicality of this approach."

No, Wheeler would not have said that. He said there is no *evidence* beyond what can be observed. We can make no statements about reality without observable evidence, but reality exists regardless.

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